Test and Tag Adelaide - Includes appliance testing and tag


It is the obligation of all employers under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 to ensure that the workplace is safe for employees. This is includes electrical safety. One of the most important areas of electrical safety is the regular inspection and testing of electrical appliances to ensure that they comply with the safety requirements set out in the relevant regulation.

This is commonly known as Test and Tag.

IMR Electrical are Adelaide test and tag specialists. We are accredited in the safety checking of electrical appliances to Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760.

Testing and Tagging is a means of risk management in the workplace. OH&S legislation has made all levels of management personally liable for the safety of employees. When you use our test and tag service, we provide you with an Appliance Test Log document, which forms a part of your OH&S risk management documentation.

IMR Electrical can advise you on what to test and how often, the appropriate tag colours etc.

Our emphasis is on quality. We will never send you a person that has become :”competent” by attending a one day course. As Adelaide’s premiere industrial commercial electrical contractors, we have a team of fully qualified staff with extensive industrial and commercial experience.

We are committed to best practice and our support service is second to none, to ensure you are fully compliant.